Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chain Yankers

Today was a chain yankin' kind of day.  At every turn, something happened to yank my chain.  Coffee spills, crazy drivers, loud talkers on the train, bag bumpers on the bus.  And it didn't stop there!

All morning everyone was snappy and snarky and downright looking to yank someone else's chain.

By the time I called my DH, I had counted over 25 instances of chain yankin'.  I had to warn him!  Caution - make every effort to be happy!  The world is conspiring against you!!!

Fortunately he didn't think I was crazy.

My next stop was the yarn shop to pick up my yarn, needles and pattern for tonight's "start of a new season of Project Runway" project.  The yarn shop was closed.  The yarn shop was closed all afternoon.  I couldn't get the new yarn.  The universe was directly trying to mess with me.  I had to be on my guard.

I ran back to the office to find a new pile of work on my desk and a piece of computer equipment that seemed custom programmed to defeat any ounce of cheer I might have left.

Suffice it to say that I made it through to the end of the day - home in time to watch Project Runway (yes, I am a runway junkie) - but it was a real challenge.

And it didn't stop all day long.  Please note the lack of pictures of various types of chains featured in this post.

Yes, even my camera conspired against me and yanked my chain - making me think that there were photos saved to the card, but then wiping them as I went to upload.

I'm so happy that I back it up every night and only lost todays photos.  (I'd insert some bragging here, but I'm afraid the universe will take retribution out on me.)

(Okay - so even the thought of bragging brought about interruptions in my Project Runway watching.  So no more even thinking about bragging!!!)

Here's hoping that you are not being affected by the universal snark that is on the loose today.

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