Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Play!

The best thing about a dog is - when you are bone tired and the work isn't done and you're feeling just down in the dumps about it, there she is full of love and sweetness.

My DH and I put in 15 hours today, but there's much more to do.  We were both tired and achy when we finally came in from the gardens.  Of course, the first thing we did was complain about our aches and pains - and the first thing our pup did was go fetch a toy so we could play!

She always puts things in perspective for us.  Even when she was a tiny little 7 month old aussie, before her eyes changed colors, she always had that little smile and a happy attitude.  It's like she's saying 'it's okay - come play with me and it will be even better!'

She such a happy pup - and it's contagious!  After a few rounds of keep-away, we felt much better.

What a good girl!

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